Chaiiiiii… I BEEN WAITING TIMEEEEE FOR THISSS!!!!! One of my favourite blog posts to date 😀 I know i probably say that everytime i publish a post butt rahhh. My team also loves this too, hopefully we aren’t being biased ❤ ❤ ❤ Or Maybe just a lil bit but ohhh well…

So summer is coming to an end here in England and we are entering fall/Autumn! This means it will be both warm and chilli, sometimes with the sun still shinning through. Our weather is legit 4 seasons a day. Anyway, enough about that!!!

RIGHT NOW, we are coming through with a pop of colour. I must say this little puffed up coat is my fav in my wordrobe. Believe it or not, it goes with so many things.  Whether you are dressing it up with some thigh high boots (for sauce uno) and all black clothing OR dressing down with some black/blue jeans/ leggings. You’ll still look cute!! It always makes me stand out, and a little colour is good for the soul! From far you can tell thats JENNETH standing right there…i just love this look so much. Just to point out – something like this dungaree is great for your back to school season. You can throw it on with any t-shit and some nice trainers and you will be good to go. Not much of an effort or stress.

ANYWAYSSS, this look itself is colourful, charismatic, vibrant AND chic. I have plenty of pictures for you to look at!!!

— —IMG-20170801-WA0015— — —

Issue Of The Month: Being Grateful x

“A grateful heart is a magnet of miracles” 

This issue of the month comes following my 21st birthday last month!!!! There are so many things I am grateful for. At 21, I never imagined I would be where I am. INFACT, never did I ever imagine I would be who I am today. I am so grateful to GOD for all his blessings (ALL THE GLORY TO HIM!!!). I’m grateful to my FAMILY for always being there, supporting and loving me unconditionally. Finally, to all my FRIENDSSS and SUPPORTERS, thank you!! Without all of you, life would not be the same AND I would not be the same either.

I am grateful to have had the courage to start this blog, I feel more confident, better able to showcase my creativity. In fact, its almost unreal how much this has impacted me as a person. I feel as though this blog has given me a platform to develop my character, learn new things and inspire someone else.

Within the last year, I learnt to drive and got my first car – RORRIES (funny name with a funny story behind it). Also, I got my first paid job and started this blog amongst many other things. I moved from home to go on a placement year without my friends or family. Of course they visited and I went home frequently. At first, it seemed, the year was going to be difficult. Now being on the other side of that bridge, I am more mature, independent and better able to take care of myself. Although some my disagree! LOOOL thats okay ;). I feel more content with what I have, and will continue aspiring for more.

😀 😀 😀

— — —chapter 21 jennethonline– —


I often realise that many people including myself sometimes tend to overlook the positive things in their lives as they may be pre-occupied with what may not be going their way or may be going wrong. This bringing down their mood making them miserable. Learning to reflect and appreciate whats going right in your life is very important. It sometimes shines a light of hope through you making that darkness disappear.

These ARE a few questions you should consider asking yourself:

i) What are your 5 or more testimonies? i.e. my good health!

ii) What are you grateful for?

iii) Who are you grateful to?

Whilst doing this, it is important to remember that people’s blessings/testimonies are different. We are all on different pathways leading to different destinations in our lives, therefore, the way things happen for each of us is different.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

“Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in-between”

IMG-20170801-WA0014IMG-20170801-WA0019IMG-20170801-WA0013IMG-20170801-WA0000IMG-20170801-WA0002IMG-20170801-WA0006IMG-20170801-WA0008IMG-20170801-WA0010IMG-20170801-WA0016IMG-20170801-WA0009IMG-20170801-WA0024IMG-20170801-WA0007I DUNGAREE and COAT: NEW LOOK I SHOES: BOHOO.COM I TOP: TOPSHOP I GLASSES: PRIMARK/CAMDEN MARKET I

Thank you guys for having a read! Feel free to like, leave comments below and share. It will be appreciated!!

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Photography by Abeer Abutaleb

Co-edited by Anesu Kusosa and Areej Abutaleb

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



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