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Hello everyone!

Ruva-Rashe = God’s flower ❀

I am back with a short summer blog post for y’all. I found myself taken by this little dress as soon as I saw it. Its CUTE, not too SHORT not too LONG. JUST PERFECT. I adore the flowers and colours, they aid to the ever so SUMMERY weather and POSITIVE vibes. Looking closely its just a small black dress with flowers which looks PENG. To finish the look, some RED, saucy heels and LIPSTICK. Need I say more πŸ™‚

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I have just had an amazing and yet also a bit of a sad day. I said goodbye my fellow placement student 😦 As it was her last day, we thought it would be a good idea to ask those a bit older than us for some general LIFE ADVICE LOOOOL! The majority of them SAID, ”HAVE FUN WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG!!!!” It just made me reflect upon myself. Generally, I’d describe myself as quite hard-working, and goal/career orientated. This sometimes can mean most of the time there is lot to do – uni work and sometimes I’m there chasing opportunities which is great! Its not a bad thing BUT sometimes it can leave little room for enjoying life’s best things.

The purpose of this blog post is to encourage you this summer to make the most of it. Work Hard AND Play Hard! Find out what you enjoy, try new things. You’ll never know if you don’t try! If you do know, cater some time for those things!!! Β Your idea of fun could be meeting with friends, visiting sceneries, trying new food, going to festivals and going out! But be safe init πŸ™‚

Even after summer, its also important to still allocate some time for doing something you enjoy. Β Learning to allocate time appropriately is important both for your mental wellbeing and your performance.


“I will LOOK BACK on this and SMILE because it was LIFE and I DECIDED to LIVE IT” ~Β Uknown

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Photography and Co-edited by Anesu Kusosa ❀