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With everything I wear, my aim is to feel COMFORTABLE and GOOD! The main motive behind this outfit was to hopefully prove that you could still look good in comfortable clothing. You don’t have to wear a tight, and figure hugging dress every-time you go out you know (although sometimes it doesn’t hurt lool). Sometimes keep it comfy. Comfy can still look sophisticated and cute. You are probably like, β€œJENNETH what are you talking about?!” You just have to OWN IT. All that I am wearing here is a bodysuit with some jogger like tracksuit bottoms and a fur sleeveless coat. And of course the heels loool. READY TOO GO!!! Some people might not quite like the lines in my trousers but its all a part of it init.

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ISSUE OF THE MONTH: Money & Happiness


This has really been my true issue of the month in-fact of this year so far. I have had so many conversations with a lot of people and it is interesting hearing their perspective on things. Just to put it out there, this is my perspective and i do understand if some of you don’t agree!

I believe that money is necessary in living a comfortable and PERHAPS happy life BUTTT BUTTT BUTTT it is not the key to happiness (at least i don’t think so!). Some people might point out that you need money for food, a bed to sleep on and clothes to wear. Of course again i do not disagree. I just feel like money has become something which is at times confused for bringing ever-lasting happiness. A friend of mine once said that, β€œmoney can buy happiness,” someone else said, β€œmoney = happiness!”

Someone once told me a story about the time she went to Ghana for a few weeks and came back feeling like the ghanians were the happiest people she had met! Those she spent time with whilst on holiday barely had much Β in regards to money, and luxuries we have here (Europe) i.e. a smartphone and a mac-book. Yet, there were so happy and sang in so much joy. One could argue probably happier than most people who have enough money to live and get everything they desire.

I guess the purpose of this issue of the month is to encourage us to be careful of where we place money within our hierarchy of needs. We shouldn’t place it too high that it defines our happiness. Always remember money comes and goes – that happiness is temporary. You may be sad till your next pay check so I want to encourage you to BE MINDFUL and AWARE of all the OTHER THINGS which are perhaps more important AND highly likely to promise longer lasting happiness and satisfactionΒ i.e. the LOVE from FAMILY and FRIENDS, RELIGION, and CULTURE. Let our happiness not be entirely reliant on our pay check.

β€œTrue Happiness Brings More Richness Than All The Money In The World” – Mahatma Gandhi

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