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HELLOOOO, I am here with my THIRD Blog Post!!! Ehehehe my God is good OOooo! Yeyy, i made it this far! πŸ™‚ I must say this actually does take guts and commitment but i am learning. ANYWAY …

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together. It was almost like a puzzle – little bits and pieces to create the look. Firstly, the bomber jacket has to be my favourite amongst everything. Its a two way peace: red and black on the inside + black with flowers on the outside. It wasn’t even that expensive! My next favourite piece of the puzzle was the jeans OMGGG the distress is minimal but just about enough if you get what i mean. Not Too Much, Not Too Little! Lastly, the shoes, i just love my white shoes. They always make any outfit look clean and add a twist to any outfit i wear with them.

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ISSUE OF THE MONTH: Body Confidence

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“Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own” AuthorΒ Unknown

“To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your skin. It’s is about knowing and accepting the way you look and who you are” Ellen Degenesse

Where do i start with this topic. Body confidence, i believe, is something everyone at some point in their life lack whether they are upfront about it or not. It can drain you so much emotionally, more than expected in fact. I admit to have had an issue surrounding my body confidence not too long ago. Β Long story cut short, i let things people said affect me more than they should have.

Regarding body image there is so much women/girls and also men/boys tend to get concerned or insecure about. First and foremost their clothing size (so what i am size 12)!!! Then comes other things like facial structure, the size of their hips, backside, chest, shoulders and hands. Sometimes our insecurities arise from when we admire others’ bodies and compare theirs to our own leading to self scrutinising and BEFORE we know it a decrease in our own body confidence. Little do we know that these people are probably doing the same to us and wanting what we have. Β Other times, we let people’s careless comments about our body appearance affect our perception of what we look like. Before you would have been okay noticing that you have a bit of a belly but now because someone has mentioned it you start thinking ‘kmt swear its gotten bigger’ or ‘it has to go. what is this’. I am not saying this is how it happens for everybody.

Body insecurities can originate from anywhere but the two scenarios have been the most common i have came across… The point of this topic of the month is for me to encourage you to love and adore your body because only when people see that passing through will they also love, adore and accept you for the way you look and who you are. If you are going to admire how someone else looks, do so, but don’t compare or self-criticise. If someone gives an inconsiderate comment purposefully or carelessly about the way you look, recognise what they said and JUST let it go. Its their opinion. Not everyone who sees you is going to see what they saw. Also, YOU ought to be careful about what you say to others as words have the power to cut people deeper than intended.

3 tips on increasing body confidence! (remember they are many more)

  1. DON’T always look at yourself and see your imperfections but INSTEAD recognise the features you love and appreciate on you.
  2. Paying attention to your self-care is important in increasing your confidence in the way you look and who you are. This can start from recognising and improving things such as your personal hygiene, eating patterns, Β and fitness routine.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are confident and who make you feel good about yourself NOT those who only see your flaws/imperfections.








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Photography By Abeer Abutaleb ❀