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So for this first particular post, I thought it would be nice to start with a black on black outfit. Black is a colour which flatters any type of figure. It brings out one’s shape and gives it an edge to die for whilst oozing a ‘look at me vibe’. I always go for black when I am unsure of what to wear as well as when I feel the need to dress up. It is convenient and for every situation! This particular outfit has been in wardrobe for a while now but never been worn. It is suitable for a night out either with heels or a nice pair of white/black trainers.

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Issue of the week: SELF CONFIDENCE

Self-confidence is an issue we all experience at some point in our lives. This could be related to your body shape, weight, height, abilities and so many other things. Along with other things, what you look like plays a big role. If you are unsatisfied with how you look it affects how you move and present yourself without even mentioning the love for yourself. It is important to recognise and accept it if you have this issue and then above all work towards helping yourself.

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My 5 top Tips to self-confidence!

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1) Accept and love yourself.

2) Try and reduce the amount you worry about what people say especially FROM those who don’t bring much positivity to your life.

3) Wear what you feel comfortable in and own it.

4) Walk, sit, stand and move in a more confident way.

5) Experiment with your style and abilities whilst exploring new things

Remember there are more, these are just a few i feel are quite important! 🙂

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11-2I   TOP : H & M    I   SKIRT :  H & M   I  SHOES : LINZI   I    JACKET : THRIFTED  I

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Photography By Anesu Kusosa ❤



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